Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where To Buy Stamps

There are actually many places that one can buy stamps from in Singapore. If you are simply looking for postage stamps to send your letters, you can simply buy it from any post office or a self-service automated machine (SAM). SAMs are conveniently located all around the island and you can find them in shopping malls or at mrt stations. There is a minimum purchase though so one will have to buy quite a few of the postage labels. The ones sold at SAM are usually the adhesive postage labels and I don't think there is much philatelic interest in them even amongst stamp collectors.

If you are looking to buy the traditional kind of postage stamps for collecting, you can always buy it from Singpost's online store which is called VPost. Just search for the link to philatelic and you will be able to browse and buy a great deal of both local and foreign stamps. Delivery charges are pretty cheap and they usually reach my home in 3 working days.

Another source where I buy stamps from is EBay. I have spent lots of money buying postage stamps from EBay and have always received my stamps on time and in order. The prices are bait more steep compared to the actual prices they were originally sold at as the sellers have to make a profit at the end of the day. You can find tons of stamps on EBay and they include both used as well as mint stamps.

I have also heard that some countries even have a system where you can buy stamps online and then print out the postage stamps to use. Now how cool is that?


aditya said...

hi there... aside from ebay you can also try out sites like bidstart and delcampe. Both specialises in colections (coins, stamps, etc). The good thing from seller point of view is lower listing fee as compared to ebay, so you can find single stamps being listed at good prices because it is economically viable...

Singapore Stamps said...

Hi aditya,

Thanks for informing! I will be sure to check out the 2 sites that you have recommended.

Ebay sometimes offers free listing too so it is possible for the seller to get a good deal at times. Of course not for the large dealers but only for the stamps collectors who have been trying to sell their duplicate stamps.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you will receive this message but there is a shop in the Holland Shopping Centre (Holland Village above Cold Storage) where the auntie sells stamps; sets and singles. It's a good shop to support :) she sells albums too. Enjoy!

Singapore Stamps said...

Thanks. Any idea which particular shop is it or is there a name for the shop?

Anonymous said...

You can go to Gumtree and check stamps.


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