Sunday, March 15, 2015

Singapore Stamps - Wet Market Presentation Pack

Finally got some time to take a few pictures of one of the presentation packs that I bought recently.

The stamps in the pack are 4 Singapore stamps that depict scenes of the local wet market. Unlike supermarkets found in the West, wet markets are open air concept markets that was is still very much prevalent in the East.  The wet floors due to melted ice or washing gives rise to their names - wet markets.

Even as Singapore has developed, there has been a conscientious effort made to keep these wet markets. Most people now do their grocery shopping in supermarkets. But there are still times when people will turn to the wet markets. Not necessarily because it is cheaper. But because it is at times more convenient.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Bought some postage stamps from Omigo

I bought some postage stamps from Omigo which is like Singpost' online shop I think. The stamps took almost three weeks to arrive. A little longer than I expected.

Didn't buy much. Just bought slightly over 20 dollars worth of Singapore postage stamps. Have not had the time to sort it yet. Hopefully, will get to do so in the next couple of days.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rare 1954 Queen Elizabeth II Stamps Auctioned off by Singapore Philatelic Museum

In September 2014, the Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM) conducted its first auction of rare Singapore stamps for its first ever fund raising.  The money raised would be used for bigger galleries and more exhibition.  Good thing to know that the SPM is still actively boosting its galleries as my past visits to it showed little difference over the months/years.  Hopefully, with the new money raised, stamp enthusiasts can look forward to new exhibitions and a refreshed gallery.

Some of the stamps auctioned off included rare 1954 Queen Elizabeth II revenue stamp sheets that were previously used in land title deeds.  The sheets of 50 stamps in $500 denominations had starting bids of $12,000.  Revenue stamps were used by lawyers here but were hardly bought in full sheets making these full sheets really rare.

Other stamps that went under the hammer include the 1955 Queen Elizabeth II definitive stamps that were overprinted with the words "Postal Training School".  These stamps were used for staff training at the Postal Service Department Singapore which was Singapore Post's predecessor.

The auction was conducted by Spink and all lots were sold off.  The highest bid was for lot #40 which closed at $42,000.  This was for a 1954 Queen Elizabeth II revenue stamp sheet.  Altogether, there were 13 sheets put up for sale (Lot #40 - Lot #52).  Prices ranged between $9,500 to $42,000.


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