Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10cents overprinted on 4cents Tiger Barb

This stamp is actually from the series of Fishes, Orchids and Birds Definitives that was issued during 1962-1966. The tiger barb stamp was a 4cents stamp. In 1981, the same stamp is used except for a cancellation of the 4 cents by a "leaf" cancellation and the printing of the 10 cents under the words at the top right.

So I was sifting through my stacks of stamps which I have yet to soaked and came across this interesting piece below. It has two 1981 tiger barb stamps with a 1993 Animal Series Stamp that was used in 1995! Wanted to soak the stamps but guess I would just keep it on the paper as it is interesting that these stamps which were issued more than a decade apart were actually used together on the same piece of envelope.

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