Monday, July 4, 2011

UK Christmas Stamps

I bought some stamps and had lots of duplicates of this UK Christmas stamps that feature Santa Clause and also a snowman. When I say duplicates, I really mean lots and lots of extras. I really like UK stamps and Christmas stamps as a whole but I don't know why these 2 stamps don't really look attractive to me at all.

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Jack said...

I used to collect stamps. I got lots from all over the world. But I stopped due to being to busy at work.

Last year, since my office colleague knows about my hobby, they've been giving me lots of Singapore stamps. What I did is that I gave them away to other stamp collectors through my blog : Free Stamps.

I was able to give-out around 200 stamps FREE.

Anyway, good to see a lot of stamps collectors in the age of electronic messaging.

- Jack -


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