Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rare and Valuable Stamps

Rare stamps are not always valuable.  But in most cases, they probably are.  And the trend that we are seeing is probably this:  Rare stamps will become more and more valuable.

The reason for this is actually quite simple.  As the number of extremely wealthy people (we are talking about billionaires here) increases over the recent years, it only means that higher amounts of money are being paid for rare and coveted objects and items like fine wines, art pieces and of course, rare stamps.

Well, the idea is probably that owning this one-of-a-kind items is probably sought after by the rich because it connotes a certain amount of exclusivity.  After all, anyone can buy a Ferrari or a castle.  But how many people can actually own a piece of art if it is the only one in the world.  So the wealthy people are inclined to splurge on this.

Some of them are of course true collectors who might have been collecting stamps since they were young and struck it out rich, thus turning back to their childhood hobby.  But these are probably far and few between.  Nevertheless, it probably makes sense to look into rare stamps of countries where a large percentage of billionaires boast from.  By this, we are talking about countries like China, India, Russia, etc.  These billionaires will probably be interested in collecting rare stamps that belong to their country.

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