Saturday, April 25, 2009

Singapore Philatelic Museum

Ever visited the Singapore Philatelic Museum before. If not, you should!

I have been down there twice and enjoyed both trips. A single trip will take you less that two hours. It has a good postal history of Singapore and also a nice collection of Singapore postage stamps.

The museum is located at 23-B Coleman Street in Singapore and used to be formerly part of the Anglo Chinese School which was completed in 1904. In the 1970s, the building became the Methodist Book Room till it was restored to become the Singapore Philatelic Museum in 1995.

The purpose of the Singapore Philatelic Museum is to promote interest in and the appreciation of Singapore's history and heritage in philately. Besides the permanent galleries, the theme galleries offer a host of changing exhibitions through the year.

The museum also has a stamp shop which has a pretty good collection of stamps. I personally find the stamps abit expensive. You can probably get cheaper stamps online.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

1948 King George VI Definitive Series

A set of Singapore stamps that were issued in 1948. The portrait is that of King George VI. King George VI ascended to the throne when his elder brother, Edward, abdicated his throne

150 Years of Botanic Gardens

Another set of beautiful stamps that depict the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Wow! I didn't know the Botanic Gardens in Singapore was 150 years old.

Cash Crops of Early Singapore

I bought a set of these stamps from SingPost. It depicts the early cash crops that were grown in Singapore. Yes, it is hard to believe but Singapore used to have plantations and orchards. That is why the name of the road in town is called Orchard Road!

The cash crops shown in these set of stamps are pepper, tapioca, nutmeg and rubber.

Tapioca can still be found growing in various parts of Singapore.

Formula One Singapore Grand Prix Stamps

These are the set of stamps that was issued for the inaugural Formula One Grand Prix that was held in Singapore last year. Fernando Alonso won the first grand prix that was held in Singapore.


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