Friday, December 11, 2015

How much is a stamp collection worth?

I have received some queries from users who have inherited some stamp collections either from friends or relatives and wish to know how much their stamp collection is worth.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to answer this question about how much the stamp collection is valued at unless one knows what it comprises and the market price for those stamps.

It really depends on the size and extent of the collection. Anyone who wants to buy the stamps would probably be hoping to buy it as part of an existing collection. So they might be more interested if there are rare stamps or if it is a complete collection (e.g. all Malaysia Stamps since 1966 till present).

That being said, they are probably not going to pay for the collection based on a full valuation since they can probably get the stamps through an online website like eBay or through an auction by a reputable stamp dealer where they can be assured of authenticity.

On the otherhand, there might be dealers who are looking to make a profit from selling your collection either in parts or in whole.

Either way, there is going to be costs (and time) involved for parties who purchase the collection. They might not even be able to sell off some of these stamps so that will be another consideration they might have when offering a price.

So one can expect the price to be marked down compared to valuations you can see online.

The quality and condition of the stamps will also cause the price to vary.

The best way to get a sense of the value is to bring it to a stamp dealer and see how much they are willing to offer. Whatever price they provide probably factors in how long they might take to sell the stamps. Some stamps might also be unsellable.

From there you can get a rough gauge of the valuation of your stamp collection. You might be able to get a higher price if you carry out the sale on your own. But this could prove to be a tiring and time consuming process. And you might not even sell it.


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