Sunday, October 30, 2011

Philatelic Literature, Stamp Magazines and Stamp Collecting Books

After browsing through many bookstores in Singapore, I realised that there really isn't much one can buy or read regarding postage stamps.  For now, I am confined to the Stamp Magazine which I bought for $12.90 at Times bookshop as well as the August 2011 and September 2011 issue of the same above mentioned magazine.  It really bothers me that I could not find much to read about postage stamps after reading various local bookstores.  It probably means that stamp collecting is in the decline here in Singapore.

Well, reading the Stamp Magazine is fine for me.  Trouble is that a lot of the topics are really on Great Britain stamp issues and so it does not really relate very well with me.  One could certainly do with a lot more literature on philately considering that information on certain stamps as well as the history/design/thought process behind many of the stamps are really scarce and hard to find on the internet.

Anyway, just an interesting fact that I found out.  3 Kings ruled during 1936.  Who were they?


nad said...

King George V, King Edward VIII, King George VI

it is sad that finding info and resource locally is very hard for stamps enthusiast.

Singapore Stamps said...

Hi nad,

Great and quick answer!

Yes, it is indeed difficult for the local enthusiast. I sort of feel that it is because this hobby is deemed "uncool" by the young people of today. Stamp collecting in Singapore seems to be confined to the older folks nowadays.

nad said...

I don't mean to sound childish but that's so lame! I loved stamp collecting since I was a kid (I'm in my 20s now) and I still hoard stamps! can't think why it'd be uncool actually.

Singapore Stamps said...

Hi nad,

Glad to know that somebody feels that statement is lame. Hahaha....but i guess ppl are really not interested in stamp collecting these days.

In the past, they used to sell stamp packs in bookstores and stamp albums too! Nowadays, you can hardly find them around in Singapore.

nad said...

ohh, yes! I remember the school bookshop sold really nice stamps (disney, cartoonish characters) in a really nice black backing for a dollar and 20 cents. had to save up for those spending moments. thanks for posting up entries (: I enjoy reading them!

Singapore Stamps said...

Yes yes. There were so many shops selling stamps then. Now, it is really difficult to find stamps being sold in bookshops.

But on the otherhand, we have Ebay. So it makes purchasing stmaps alot easier too.

Glad that someone appreciates the postings =)

nad said...


(I have realized I do not know how to address you)

I came across this site and was wondering if it's a good source for stamps? (: (as in, do you have an opinion on this) thanks!

Bernie said...

.... have you tried that excellent worldwide packet supplier Price Fighter Packets who advertise in both Stamp Magazine and Gibbons Stamp Monthly ? as a matter of fact, after returning from a vacation in Singapore some 20-odd years ago, I wrote to Stamp Magazine advertising remarking on the absence of their material in the bookshops of Singapore to which they thanked me for the info and promptly began supplying to the Times Bookshop !
regards, Bernie

Suisho said...

With online shopping, I think it's pretty easy to get yourself a Philatelic library with stuff like Sutton's "The Stamp Collector's Encyclopedia", "Stamp Collector's handbooks" and not to forget our local NLB offers plenty of literature on Philately especially Chinese stamps since it's hot like pancakes these days.


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