Thursday, April 23, 2009

1948 King George VI Definitive Series

A set of Singapore stamps that were issued in 1948. The portrait is that of King George VI. King George VI ascended to the throne when his elder brother, Edward, abdicated his throne


Gulfmann Collection said...

Nice to see more early Malayan

Kasinath said...

hi, good to see singapore stamps collection. interested in link exchange? my blog is

bk said...

Thanks for visiting this website. I would certainly be willing to do a link exchange if it is mutual.

Many thanks!

Singapore Stamps

Ng Guo Yi said...

Do you know how much they are worth now? i saw a site selling for US$600. It that expensive?

singapore stamps said...

They are worth less than SGD $100 for the mint. You can get it off ebay


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