Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where to Buy Stamps (Part II)

I wrote about where to buy stamps some time back. In that post, I explored the various options on where one could buy your normal postage stamps (for your snail mail) and also for collectors.  I have been using mainly Ebay for a long time now and have always felt comfortable with it.  But then, I realised that it was hard to get some of the stamps that I was looking for.

Recently, a reader told me about 2 other auction sites that uses an auction method just like Ebay. They are :

  1. BidStart
  2. DelCampe
I must say that I was pretty surprised to find these 2 auction sites because I managed to find some of the stamps that I was looking for.  These were some older Straits Settlements stamps which I have been trying to get my hands on.  And the ones listed on Ebay were not the ones that I were looking for.  

To the reader who recommended this 2 sites to me:
Thanks for recommending this 2 auction sites to me!   I can never thank you enough!


aditya said...

nice to see that my input was of use to you! do you know whether things like recent sets / minisheets etc are available at any singapore post office? (not vpost). Any stamp dealer with physical (not online) presence? I do collect, but don't really look at singapore recent issues, but I am helping an overseas friend in buying.. many thanks!!

Singapore Stamps said...

I have never tried to buy mini-sheets or recent sets from the post office outlets. Usually just buy them from VPost.

Stamp dealers you can try out CS Philatelic Agency at Peninsula Shopping Centre #04-29. There is also Tian Stamps and Postcards alongside CS Philatelic. Just walk down to the left.

Singapore Philatelic Museum also sell stamps.

Another one I know off is near Furama Hotel (located just beside Subordinate Courts). Along the main road facing Eu Tong Sen Street. That sells stamps and coins.

But I still think online shops are cheaper compared to those with a physical presence. The price that you can get from like Ebay is usually much more competitive

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