Saturday, January 21, 2012

Money to Buy Stamps

I wrote some time back about knowing your limits when buying stamps.  Essentially, every stamp collector comes to a point in time when they realise that they do not have enough money to buy stamps to improve their collection.

I am sadly disappointed this weekend when I realised that SingPost had stopped selling some 2009 Singapore stamps which I have yet to purchased for my stamp collection.  Buying them off Ebay will definitely be more expensive.

It makes me wonder whether I should set aside a budget each month to buy stamps.


Fiza aliff said...

hey! can i ask you something. i have a whole album of used old stamp that i wanted to sell. do you know any shops in singapore that will buy used old stamp :)

Jaslyn Lim said...

Can I buy from you?
I had run out of stamps!


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